Basis Inspiration platespiller


Inspiration Package 1 (Includes Syncro-Wave power, Vector 4 tonearm, Vacuum, Microthin belt)

Inspiration Package 2 (Includes Syncro-Wave power, Super Arm 9 tonearm, Vacuum, Microthin belt)

Inspiration Package 3 (Vector 4 tonearm, Non Vacuum)

Inspiration Package 4 (Super Arm 9 tonearm, Non Vacuum)

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Designer A.J. Conti’s mission for the Basis Inspiration was clear from the beginning: to design a turntable system that performs as closely as possible to the unequalled Basis Work of Art at a more accessible cost.

Listening to the Work of Art is a revelatory audio experience. Music lovers comment that listening becomes a musical event more than listening session. No other turntable/tonearm combination convinces the listener in this way. It was imperative that the Inspiration display a meaningful degree of this “event feel”.


17.70” wide x 16.75” deep x 12” tall to top of Vector tonearm wire loop (450mm x 425mm x 305mm)

Weight: 100 pounds (45.5kg)

Wow and flutter: Immeasurably low using any available test records

Isolation: Greater than 70 db at 3450 hz

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